At the University of Chicago, I have served as a TA for both substantive courses (States, Markets, and Bodies, Spring 2023) and methodological courses (Virtual Ethnography, Fall 2022). I have also taught in the Core as a teaching intern (Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations I, Fall 2021). Before coming to the University of Chicago, I served as a TA at Wesleyan University and at Cheshire Correctional Institution through Wesleyan’s Center for Prison Education.

Selected student evaluations:

“Anna's office hours were SUPER helpful at understanding the texts better and how to really form a good argument about a historical text. I finally feel like I understand how to write an academic paper for a class in the Core.”

“Anna Fox did an excellent job. The class where she dived into interviewing was so, so good, in part because she drew from her own research."

“Anna always had great book recommendations or references for us to learn more about the topics in class, indicating that she understood well the concepts we talked about and has gone more in depth about them.”

“Anna Fox was an enthusiastic and candid TA who was always lovely to have when she joined in on our small group discussion sections. I think Anna's openness about the difficulties of ethnography and her suggestions about paths to explore for each of our projects made me feel really supported throughout the quarter. Additionally, Anna left comments on the assignments that we submitted throughout the quarter and this showed that she was thoughtfully engaging with all of the work we were producing.”